24 February 2011

something new.

i've never done anything like this before. well, i lied, i have. when i was 15, i used to keep journal's on livejournal, but when i "grew up" & started my "real life", that faded quick. i turned 18 and joined the navy & the rest is history. anyway.

i've been reading alot of "baby blog's" lately, and decided that i'd give it a go, myself. i might be a tad bit late with starting this considering that logan is 2 months old already, but it doesn't hurt to try. my main purpose of creating this blog is to reflect on it all years down the road, and save precious memories within it, to have and treasure forever & ever. 

it also doesn't hurt for my family to be able to read this, being's that logan's grandparents are 2,600 miles away. i'd do anything to be with them right now, so in the meantime, hopefully this will suffice. 

hopefully you guys will enjoy this as much as i'll enjoy writing this. 

love you all,