03 March 2011

cleanliness is godliness.

so, i dont know if it's only me, but attempting to clean the house with a baby is nearly impossible. i've just been basically staring @ everything i need to clean all day; i have yet to get it done. i did some laundry, swept up, etc., but actually clean like i like to clean (O.C.D.-type) hasn't happen, & it's really racking my nerves.

mister-mister (one of logan's oh-so-many nicknames) fell asleep @ a decent hour today. he also had his doctor's appointment for some more rounds of shots. i always get scared when he has his immunizations because jenny mccarthy seems to think that vaccines are linked to autism, & that scares me.

time to go put the laundry in the dryer & start more loads! :)