31 May 2011


(photobooth photo - sign that i need a new camera and/or computer)

it's been quite a while since i've posted anything.
logan is now 5 months, & all the brand new motherly
fears and tremors have subsided. &, we're moving.

my new family & i are moving 2,600 miles across
country, back to new jersey, where the grass is green,
the job's pay better, & my whole entire family is
within a 15 minute drive of each other. mommy, logan & daddy.

we leave sunday.

my mother is flying in to pick logan up,
and my dad is flying in to drive the uhaul,
while robert & i take turns driving my car,
while his gets towed by the uhaul.

its been about 7 years since i lived in jersey,
or even relatively that close to my family. i compare
my life to that of a 'rockstar' - i feel like i've been
on a tour for the last 7 years & now it's coming
to an end. i'm not sure what kind of decision this
is that i'm making, but in my heart of hearts, i feel
like it's the best.

robert doesn't have a family life like i always did
& still do, so i think it'd be best to share what
i have with him & our son, for our family.

i have 2 days of work left. thursday & friday.
i'm basically giving up the first level of my
"ladder to my dream job". it took me 5 years
to get this job (anybody that knows me, knows why),
& i put my papers it and called it quits. i just couldn't
do it here anymore. part of me feels like i gave up,
but the other part knows that it's only the begining,
& im moving forward, not necessarily backward.

i've got 3 different hiring processes going with 3 different
law enforcement agencies, as well as i'm almost done with
school. i registered for 3 classes for summer semester. i probably
way overloaded myself, but i can do it. i've done a lot of things -
pretty much everything i've ever said i would & then some.

i'm going to figure out finances & see if i have enough
to buy a new camera tomorrow so we can have one for
the road. if so, ill post some pictures of our HOPEFULLY 3 day,
2,600 mile journey home.

wish us well.