14 July 2011

Everybody hurts, sometimes.

"When the day is done & the night is long..." or something along those lines.

Anyway. When the day is done, and Logan is sleeping, and the laundry is folded, and my homework is complete, and I've submitted job applications, and returned phone calls, and done everything else that my daily life consists of nowadays, I like to go and spend time with my dogs- my first babies. The dogs stay in the garage at night because they're out all day, and I'm afraid people around here might steal them (that's already happened to my first dog/love, Vegas, and it will never happen again). I go in there, sit on the chair that my dad's got set up in there, and relax with them. I pet them, hug them, kiss them, breathe with them, and relax with them. I know more than anything, this new life(with the baby & the move) has probably taken a toll on them the most, and I still do love them. I love them a lot. They really were my first babies. They were there for my first cross country move from Florida to Arizona. They spent 120 degree summers sweating with me. They laid in my arms sickly from parvo and let me administer their IV's. They comforted me when I was at my worst point, 3 or so ago. They slept with me every night for the last 4 years. They slept on top of my stomach at times, during my pregnancy. They drove across country with me twice, with no problem. They've flown on planes with me. We've spent days and nights at dog parks in many states. We've done a lot of things, and I always feel like I don't have enough time for them since Logan was born, but I do try. I try everything, and I do. After everything is said and done, I spend some time with them at night, and on the weekends playing ball in the backyard. Hiding bones & letting them find them. I do just about the same as I did before the baby was born, my life just doesn't revolve around them like it did before. But at the same time, it still does. & I hope they still love me the same.