11 September 2011

Congratulations, Im Sorry.

That's how I feel right now about a few things. I got back in touch with an old friend from my teenage years, and his life has gone through the ringer. I never got the chance to congratulate him when he deserved it @ his best moments, & now it's almost too late. I had a lot of good memories that involved him; those were the best years of my life before Logan was born. I just hope him the best nowadays & hope he knows this.

On a lighter note, my chi-chi is growing ever so fast. Inching his way to eating solid food, & almost walking on his own. He's got a personality only I could wish to have, and he's always so happy, & I just love him more and more everyday. The dog days of summer are over and we're creeping into fall. I can't wait for him to wear his new winter clothes, especially his new jacket. ;)