29 January 2012

Life boat.

"& i didnt really want a baby,
& i guess i had a choice,
but i just let it grow inside of me,
this persistent little voice.
& i guess i got her off & running,
& run off is what she did.
& thats part of what i think about,
i think about that kid."

- a. difranco

Logan Robert:

You are indeed the biggest blessing that has ever graced me. & I try everyday of my life, with my entire being, to be everything you need. I've been working for the last 10 days straight. I know you feel it. I know you miss me. I know. I feel it, too. I'm sorry. I'm attempting to save the money that we need as fast as possible, to get on with the show. I'm trying to learn the new job quicker than I should, just so it doesn't take much more of a strain. I will do anything for you. Anything. Please, work with me. Have patience. Love me. Know that I'm only doing it for you.

I love you, chickitini.