20 January 2012

Snow Days.

Well, its supposed to be snowing & its pretty much not. I'm not sure why because it ALWAYS snows when it says it will. One of the reasons I moved back to the East Coast was so my son could know seasons.. . So he could experience life as I knew it. It snowed once this year... In October...

I'm starting a new job on Monday & although the pay is great, my anxiety is setting in just as I imagined. I'm still going to work my part-time on the weekend to be able to save more money for the house, so I'm pretty sure the next few months will I'll be running on empty (by the way - thats a good song by Jackson Browne). This Apologetics class I am taking I am taking is really teaching me alot of things I've never been taught about religion, God, and our creation and I am really trying to put all my Faith in God that I can make all my hopes and dreams come true. I never give up; I never really have, either. Although it will be alot of work - parenting, ful time job & full time school, I know I can do it. Ive done alot more than alot of the people I know, and hope to be able to continue to.

On that note, I'm going to do some work, homework & wait for the snow.