11 March 2012


When me & my girl (yes, my girl. My only girl) were younger, we burrows dead birds, hoaxes my golden retriever back into the yard, attempted every DIY project known to man(& tore up her mothers kitchen @ that).

We played in the stream that ran down the road after the rain, only to learn it was urine water....

We took pictures, played with wallow talkies, ate jolly ranchers by the pound, ate bagel dogs by the truckload, and drank Pepsi by the gallon.

We're just as busy now as we were then, & it's a shame that we can't see each other everyday because we're "adults" now. Her and I will never be adults, at least not to each other. She will always have the spirit that she had @ 7... When I made her jump off my deck into the pool, or when we would burn paper in the microwave. ... Or hang out with lesbian drummers. ..

That's what life is to me. Everything we did. & everything we did, we did together. I have a son of my own now, she has nephews, but that shouldn't change. They should do exactly what we did. And when she has her own, they should too.

We'd take pictures with our Pocohantas camera with lesbians kissing in the background. But hey , sometimes that's life. I am not saying my son should literally do that, but I should stop worrying about who he will be and focus on what he wants to be, on his terms.

I'm also saying that I miss my girl *.