08 May 2012

Punk Rock.

At some point, I went to some basement store show in Meridian, MS. I ended up meeting the Captian or Commander' son or some shit somewhere in the front of the base. I don't remember what I was doing there, but I was only there once or so...

He didnt like me or not. I guess I was trying to be too "punk rock" at the time. I remember I was afraid to call him, because he only had a land line house phone, & I was afraid to be calling "the Commander's son....."

& It just hit me right now, as I was reading this blog. I've never been able to stay in one place for too long. It seemed to hit me right around the time I was in Meridian, because I hated it. I hated it just as much as I hated New Jersey, hence the reason I enlisted and ended up in Meridian. I did everything I knew I shouldnt- drank alcohol, "fraternized" with a Marine, got a tattoo without getting an approved chit, etc.

Once I arrived in Virginia, & life was good again, I missed Meridian. I wanted to go back. I knew I never really would, but I wanted to. Actually, before the move back to Jersey this past June, I contemplated taking a job @ the jail, and I most definately would have if the pay was higher than $8.75. And I'm at the same point now, I had New Jersey again.. still, whatever you want to call it. It's the sickest love/hate relationship you've ever seen.

The calmest most serene I've ever been was Arizona, well, since Virgina.

I think the desert needs me more than it needs the rain.

Or maybe I need the desert more than I need anything.

Not sure.

Time will tell, though. It always does.