16 June 2012

Scholarship Essay: Most Influential Movie on Society

The movie that I think had the most influence in society, from my generation, is The Passion of The Christ (2004). I feel that this movie had such an impact, because our society tends to neglect religion. I feel that the movie was well produced and had a very strong lasting impression on society, demonstrating how Jesus died for our sins. 

The biggest factor towards the impact was the fact that you could actually see what was happening. I feel that society tends to disregard God and religion because, like the old saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind." I think that because the movie visually portrayed all of the questions that many people have, it was very impactful. Growing up, I was never "forced" into believing in God, nor any specific religion, and I can attest that I was one of those people; a "non-believer." After watching the movie, I could feel such a strong sense of negligence on my part, because I was finally able to see and understand everything that I didn't previously believe or know. 

Many critics were quick to judge the movie and the “mistakes” that Mel Gibson made in the movie; scenes that didn’t accurately portray the Bible. A direct quote from an online review states one of the following errors:

“Gibson’s movie begins in the garden of Gethsemane, with the disciples sleeping as Jesus prays for guidance and stomps on a snake that tempts him to avoid his destiny. There are other horrors: a screeching creature that resembles a berserk monkey, demonic children who might have wandered in from "The Exorcist," a bird that plucks out the eyes of crucified men, the gargoyle-like members of King Herod’s court,. . .(Hartl, John. Gibson's 'Passion' is bloody empty.” (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4360578) The author of the article continues to say that one can search all day and all night, but you will not find such silliness in the Bible.

Although there are many other critical reviews of the movie explaining it’s flaws, I think it was an overall excellent movie and had a lasting impact, especially for people who felt like I did, at the time.

Charissa Herka
Liberty University

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