30 September 2012

Free day.

Today was a good & free day. By free, I mean, I didn't spend much money. Lately my spending habits have gone through the roof, and I'm trying to cut back.

We went to the park with Diana and son Riley. We had a picnic, in the sun & in the rain. We walked the street fair in Highland Park, had pizza, & then ice cream for a treat.

I always have a good time when I go with Diana, & I don't even have to try. I often feel that I have to actually make an honest attempt to have a good time when I go out with people, tis why most of the time, I stay home. I've always been more of a "home body" than anything, but, more so now.

Not today, though!

1. I play with Logan!
2. Logan picks up a dandelion in the rain.
3. Logan shares a laugh with Riley.
4. We sit on the boat dock & reflect in the water.
5. Riley explores the bike.