25 September 2012

September, sort of.

I am so bad with keeping this blog up, but I wish I wasn't. I wish this blog was even half of the blogs that I frequent - such bold and beautifully painted portraits of everybody's beautiful family. As I'm typing this, Logan is napping & Obama is talking in the background on some TV show.

I am starting to make the preparations for Logan's birthday party - it's going to be airplane and map themed. I can't believe he's going to be 2 years old! I feel like yesterday, I was alone, in my hospital bed - just him & I. My mom had went home to sleep and Robert had went home to sleep, too, as he had to work later that day. It was the most frightening but joyous moment of my life. Nothing will ever compare. Nothing will ever relate. Nothing. Nothing is more immense than my love for that kid.

Here are a few photo run downs of the past couple of weeks:

1. We go to lunch with Grandma!
2. Awesome Lizard Converse (5$ @ Target! Score!)
3. Logan washes the car with Grandpa
4. Pretty pictures from Rutgers Garden
5. HUGE chair at Rutgers Garden