05 January 2013

2013: The Year Of The Snake?

... Not in this house. In this house, it's the year of the Koala. The holiday's were beautiful around our parts, they usually always are. This Christmas was extra cool because it was the first Christmas that Logan was actually excited about "Santa" and was able to open his presents and see how cool the his gifts were. I have tons of photos I'll eventually post - their on my phone.

1 & 2: A sick Logan & Koala.

Now, I'd like to talk about Koala. Koala is everything to Logan. Koala goes to sleep with Logan, he pee-pee's on the potty with Logan, he eats with Logan, he plays with Logan, he even "talks" to Logan. As happy as it makes me, I often feel put on the back burner for Koala.. For example, in these photos, Logan was sick. Instead of wanting to cuddle up on the couch with Mommy, he chose Koala instead. Instead of wanting to sleep in bed with Mommy, he likes to sleep in his bed with Koala. He's growing up so fast and I feel like I need to be slamming on the breaks; unfortunately, there are none. That's one of the biggest realizations I've ever lived in my life. Your baby's eventually grow up. Suck up every second.